What is vocabulum about? It’s about professional Italian translations.
What defines what I do? Accuracy and passion, expertise and dedication.

Work with me and I will help you build the Italian identity of your business
or create your Italian-proof documents. But with all the translators out there,
why should you work with me? First and foremost because I love what I do.
Juggling with words I mediate between two cultures to offer you the cost-effective
and professional translation services you are looking for.

I can support you before we even start collaborating by assessing the texts that need
translating and letting you know if I can help you. If I can, I will translate your texts
following the brief and any existing in-house glossaries and guidelines.
During the project, I will advise whether any particular changes need to be made
in order to meet the cultural and linguistic expectations of the Italian readership.
Finally, I will offer my support after the translation has been completed
for small reviews or questions and doubts.

Work with me and you will benefit from a full language solution.

I can help you or your company with the translation of written texts from English into Italian,
but I also offer:

  • Transcription services with or without translation of the transcribed file
  • Subtitling services, with or without creation of a subtitled template file
  • Editing and proofreading services
  • Adaptation, aka creative translations, aka cultural translations
  • Project Management for your multilingual translation projects

And if you are thinking about other professional language services, please ask me.
I might be able to assist you directly or refer you to the right person.

Looking forward to working with you.